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Rental Questions

Do we need to schedule a tour or can we just stop by?

Yes, people schedule a tour with one of our two coordinators! Give us a call at 616.928.2000.

How do we know what dates are available?

Give our event coordinators a call and they will be happy tell you available dates!

How often can we meet with our event coordinator?

As many times as you want or need to! Just contact your event coordinator to set up meetings!

Can we choose our own DJ or Band?

Yes! You can choose your own band or DJ we do have a recommended list that we can give you upon request.

When are our final guest counts due?

Final guest counts are due 21 business days prior to your event. This is so that we can get the proper food quantities ordered and made in time for your event!

Do you have a preferred vendor list?

No, we do not have a preferred vendor list. We do have a recommended vendor list that we can provide upon request!

Can we bring in or own decorations?

Yes, any decorations that you want to bring to decorate the space is great! Our only restrictions are no helium ballons, no confetti and no open flames outside of a vase.

Does HCCP decorate?

We do not decorate for events. Around Christmas time, we do put up Christmas decorations!

Are my dogs allowed for my wedding?

Yes, dogs can be involved in the ceremony! As much as we love our furry friends, they will have to go home after the ceremony.

What forms of payment do you take?

We take cash, check and credit card. However, when paying with a credit card there is a 3.75% fee.

What time does my event have to end?

The City of Holland regulates our end times on event days. Music must be off by 11:30 pm and all guests must exit by midnight.

Are there any decorating restrictions?

Yes, the only things we do not allow are confetti, helium balloons, and open flame candles that are not in a vase.

How many people fit at each table?

8 people fit comfortably around our tables, but we can fit 10 people if absolutely necessary.

Do you require liability insurance?

For events with a bar, insurance is required regardless of the guest count. For events with 100+ guests, then you will need insurance whether you have a bar or not.

When is the remainder of our invoice due?

The remainder of the invoice is due 3 business days prior to the event.

When do I need to have everything out of the space?

Everything should be out of the space by midnight, unless you rent the room for extra clean up time.

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